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>>after less than a year and half on the job, mayor emanuel's choice to run the chicago public school is out of job. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live in the south loop with more on today's top story. is changes for the best. he understood that he had become a distraction.
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>> i know she has the experience to build on the reforms belly of put in place. but now she has the capacity to oracle all of the important people in the system. >> my focus every single day will be on our children. providing the support that our teachers and a and that our principal nimoy. nothing is more important than the more children. >> the may revealed that tendency always better known in his circleher circle as b3.
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>> everyone at the podium for. some parents are not surprised by the sudden change. he was missing in action during the entire strike. if >> he did not do a very good job of handling the strike. hopefully than one will do a better cup. >> $250,000 annual salary. she
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has agreed to a three-year contract at the same salary rates. >>after two weeks on strike. teachers and students in the evergreen park school district will likely be back in class on monday. the school board and the teachers' union wrapped up over night talks at 4-30 this morning. after eleven hours of negotiations, the two sides reached a tentative agreement but the school board says it's not releasing details until both sides ratify the agreement. a meeting is scheduled tonight. the strike affected nearly 2- thousand elementary and junior high school students.
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more than nine hundred students in crystal lake are out from school today after teachers walked off the job. the school board and the praire grove teachers association met with federal mediators for more than six hours last night but could not agree on a new contract. both sides are meeting at the school right now to continue negotiations. the "y-m-c-a" in crystal lake is offering low cost day care for affected families. the strike affects about 1- thousand students in kindergarten through eighth grade. the kitchen remains shut down at hirsch high school after some students became ill from eating lunches contaminated with rat droppings. the two students who were hospitalized are expected to be
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ok. the kitchen and lunchroom will get a through cleaning starting this afternoon and lasting through the weekend. and pest control will be at the school at the end of the day today. students will be served cold lunches from an outside supplier today. relatives are concerned and police are on the alert, after the disappearance of a mother and her young children in lake county. 33 year old aneta marsek and her daughthers, ages two and four months, have been missing since last weekend. family and friends in the village of volo are devastated. they've been trying her cellphone for days and say it's not like her to disappear. marsek and her daughters were last seen leaving her parent's home in wauconda, around 7 last saturday night. >>convicted murderer drew peterson is back in court today. where he may get a new lawyer to appeal his guilty verdict. peterson was convicted last
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month of killing his third wife kathleen savio. attorney john paul carroll filed a motion requesting today's hearing. he claims peterson hired him to handle his appeal. but, peterson's current lead attorney, joel brodsky, insists carroll will represent the former bolingbrook police officer only on a pension matter. we spoke with brodsky this morning as he headed into the courthouse: yesterday, drew peterson was able to attend his mother's funeral in darien. his mother passed away on monday at the age of 84. >> he started out in new york. his plan was to raise $15 million for a community center. he said he has learned a lot about people. >> people are compassionate but
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they're just not aware sometimes. i've met a lot of wonderful people across america. >> he raised half a million dollars >> 22% said they have no strong opinion either way. vice
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president joe biden and congressman paul ryan agree on very little during last night's contentious debate.
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>>vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan faced off last night in a heated debate.the candidates challenged the facts. reporter sandra endo was in danville, kentucky for the debate. they presented different visions for the country. 23 million americans are struggling for work. 15 percent of americans are living in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. >> ryan had this chap. i think
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the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words do not come out of your mouth or a. the right i think ryan was more presidential. president obama said biden was terrific. voters narrowly favored ryan. results for a statistical tie. while the candidates came out
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pretty even according to the polls. political analyst paul lisnek says joe biden gave democrats what they needed. a pro-life congressman and physician once had a relationship with a patient and reportedly persuaded her to have an abortion. the huffington post says tennessee republican scott desjarlais told the woman during a phone call in 2000 quote: "you told me you'd have an abortion." it appears the phone call took place before he finalized his divorce from his wife in 2001. a spokesperson for the congressman didn't deny the report, but wrote it off as old news. desjarlais is up for reelection in november. later calls for a criminal probe grow as more deaths and illness are reported in connection to that meningitis outbreak. but first scary warning from the nation's defense secretary about cyber attacks against the u-s. and the perfect appetizer that can be prepared in advance of a dinner party.. lobster deviled
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it's mild on tommy's skin... but it keeps his colors true. that's my tide. pakistani authorities have arrested several men during a raid. as part of their investigation into who shot an outspoken teenage opponent of the taliban. 14 year-old malala yousafzai was shot in the head aboard a school van on tuesday. she was targeted for writing a blog that described the brutal life under the taliban's rule in pakistan's swat valley. authorities took three men into custody in swat last night. the suspects say a man named "attaullah" planned the attack, and officials are still trying to track him down. meantime, malala is unconscious and on a ventilator, but her blood pressure and heartbeat are normal. the f-b-i has released a behavior profile of a possible suspect in the disappearance of 10-year old jessica ridgeway.
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according to the initial profile, the suspect is likely a male and may be exhibiting changes in behavior since last friday when the girl was reported missing. the f-b-i says community members should take notice to someone who missed work or skipped town around the time of the incident. the search for the missing girl led to the discovery of dismembered body at a park near where she vanished. the identity of the body has not yet been released. philadlephia eagles quarterback michael vick is defending his family's decision to own a dog. vick served 18 months in prison on dogfighting charges and was banned from owning a dog until his probation was over. his porbation ended this summer. since his release from prison in 2009, vick has worked with the humane society to speak out against animal cruelty. e-s-p-n reports vick said he wanted his children to have a healthy relationship with animals. he said this is an opportunity to break the cycle. the humane society declined to comment. nasas mars rover has detected
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something thats never been seen on mars before. the rover curiosity found this rock. its the size of a football. the rock is similar to volcanic rocks found on ocean islands like the hawaiian islands. on earth, this kind of rock forms after magma has cooled and crystallized under high pressure. since this earth-like finding was found on mars -scientists are now trying to figure out what process formed the rock. the space shuttle endeavour is being moved to it's final resting place in the california science center nasa officials say the move will take about two days as it navigates through 12 miles of southern california's roads and highways. endeavor had its first launch in 19-92 and for 20 years the shuttle flew some of the most high profile missions. covering 25 flights and nearly one- hundred and 23 miles. the facility plans to begin displaying the shuttle on october 30th. housing has turned the corner.
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defaults are elevated right now. they're improving. wells fargo reported a record profit. low interest rates did cut into their results. >> cyber threats are growing. attackers are targeting computer systems that operate chemical and water plants. wal-mart making a big push by opening smaller stores in urban areas. a
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smaller and less expensive ipad will make the competition even tougher for all their companies. stocks trading a little bit lower after the bank earnings. up next, what you need to know when buying a car. we are breaking down the mysterious maroney sticker that every car has to display on its window. and music today from chicago's own the last vegas. they are on stage october 27th at the double door.
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jean jennings has been writing about cars and the car business for more than 30 years. and as editor-in-chief of automobile magazine she is here to give us some advice. today she is breaking down the information on those window stickers every car for sale has to display.
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we are talking about the mysterious window sticker. it is required by law. each one of these stickers is specific to the vehicle amazon parrote. the base price. the second is the option list. the third piece is the delivery. that is non negotiable.
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the engine and transmission in this vehicle the third piece is very juicy. the government rating. if that is not enough. there is a code you can pick up with your phone. for more information, check out jean's website at jean knows cars dot com. and stay with us tom skilling is next to tell us potentially strong storms this weekend.
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>> in for a wet stormy weekend. we could have the most rain since november. it is a pretty active weekend. beautiful fall colors. that is the result of the gale winds. a beautiful shot here. these are lake
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clouds. there has been enough moisture. we may bring sprinkles down to the surface. could be the wettest weekend in chicago since last november. about 1.15 inches of rain. we can hone in on that a little bit
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more for you. this is a wet run.these will fade away as the afternoon oges on.goes on. showers increase in number. this following. it is cool out there. we are tapping this rereservoir of cool air. >>that will be enough to produce
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good thunderstorms. 49 in chicago. out in the rockies there are winter weather advisories. there ist is. a little lake plume. that st orms clouds are pretty evident.
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some of the mountains had more than that. rain has come up through arizona. the moisture elements running northward. it is windy out there. here is our
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wgn view. we are around 50 in the southern suburbs. east winds at 15. the lake is cooled to 58. moere on this storm now. we are worried about severe weather. look at the moisture blossoming. it will pass through sunday morning. a couple of showers could linger. when the rain comes down it could be downpours. the warmest
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temperatures may be tomorrow night. some spotty showers. southeast winds will begin strengthening. a high of 67 later in the day. we will start with the warm air.
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time for sports. the bulls are in champaign for their second exhibition game against the cavaliers tonight. then they travel to minnesota tomorrow night. the bulls held a lengthy practice at the berto center yeterday. coach thibodeau says playing time will be similar to the first pre-season game, when no starter played more than 24 minutes. the bulls had 32 fast- break points against memphis, but the bench struggled to close out the game, shooting one- for- 21 in the fourth quarter. the cubs broke ground on the new "kerry wood cubs field" at lane tech high school. cubs charities, the wood foundation, and the city teamed up for the five- million dollar baseball complex. cubs chairman tom ricketts was there, and promised fans they will see results next season. in a letter to season ticket holders, ricketts reconfirmed all profits will go back into the team, and the cubs will win a world series on his watch. the yankees trying to eliminate
12:39 pm
the orioles in game four. it's tied at one, in the 13-th inning j-j hardy hits a fly ball off the left field wall to drive in the go- ahead run for baltimore. joe girardi brought in a pinch- hitter for alex rodriguez for the second game in a row. but this time eric chavez lines out to third base to end the game. orioles win 2-1 to force a final game five in new york tonight. >>a decisive game- five in oakland. the tigers and a's scoreless in the third inning, when detroit's austin jackson hits one to deep left- center for an r-b-i double. that's all justin verlander needed. he struck out 11 and only gave up four hits in a complete game shutout. tigers win 6-nothing to advance to the a-l-c-s for the second year in a row. in the national league. the giants eliminated the reds while the nationals forced a game five against the cardinals. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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>>winning pick 3 number 9,88 winning pick 4 numbers
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a minnesota woman has filed the first lawsuit against a massachusetts pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak. the woman says she was injected with a tainted batch of steroids at a clinic in minnesota. she is seeking compensation for her injuries and pushing for class-action status to cover others that were affected. fourteen people have died in connection to the outbreak with 1-70 cases nationwide. officials say about 14-thousand people may have received the
12:45 pm
injections. multiple investigations have been launched and connecticut senator richard blumenthal is calling for a criminal probe of the company. the stroke association is calling the findings from a new study alarming. experts now say that strokes may be becoming more common among younger people. the study looked at about one million people from 19-93,19-99, and 20-05. researchers found nineteen percent of those that experienced a stroke in 20-05 were under the age of fifity five. that number up thirteen percent from 19-93. experts say a rise in risk factors like diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol may be to blame. lunchbreak is next. we're making a perfect appetizer for when you're having a dinner party lobster deviled eggs.
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where is everybody? that's not your dad. go pro with dr. scholl's. in today's lunchbreak lobster deviled eggs. derek rettell is here from "crosby's kitchen" which in the heart of the southport corridor. thanks for coming in. >>holidays aer coming. a simple easy preparation. >>people know you cared. >>it makes it a lot easier.
12:49 pm
>>we are going to start with the base.a little bit of mustard. >>love this. just a little bit of mayonaise. we use whole lobsters. nothing gets wasted. go ahead and chop that up.
12:50 pm
>>wonderful flavors. maybe a little dash of tobasco. just a pinch of cayenne. a squeeze of lime.
12:51 pm
>>go ahead and fold that up. >>put that filling right inside. we will take our topping. we will put those right on top there.a little splash over there.
12:52 pm
whole chicken porkchops an american neighborhood. a casual affordable restaurant. >>this is on the menu. the number one selling appetizer. derek rettell, thanks so much
12:53 pm
for joining us. crosby's kitchen is at 3455 north southport avenue. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question... we asked: what was the capital of poland before it was moved to warsaw? a. radom b. krakow c. leszno the answer: b. krakow >>a rain producer for us. we expect these lake clouds to be fading as the afternoon goes on. that is not the period of
12:56 pm
peak heating. this storm is pretty wrapped up. winds turning to the northwest. that is the severe weather risk. here is a closer look. that warm air will linger. that second
12:57 pm
cloud mass north of south america. that may be developingo ver over the weekend. 67 on sta aturday. partyly syunnyunny monday. >>that weekend looks dreadful. the rain will come in waves. >>heavy rain when it happens. thank you for joining us today. >> [music]
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